While We Sleep
Studio View

My radsexy studio view and paper mache horse/dinosaur lamp.






Putting some cork on some coasters!

Wildflowers/Garden Journal

I keep a gardening journal so I can keep track of everything going on out there! It’s already some in super handy!

And today I bought a Wildflowers of Mt. Wellington book from the Map Shop so I can figure out what some of my favourite plant up there are. Already I found three that I loved on a walk a week or two ago! Best ever! Native Fuchsia is an absolute ledge plant.



Good News/Bad News

The good news is I got myself a ripper Oregano for our herb garden. Just wait till the whole three terraces are full of goodness! We’ve already got two thriving Mints, some Thyme, a Lemon Verbena¬†and even a sneaky Tasmanian Pepperberry! More to come!



Bad news is that this bloody Heron is taking swipes at our precious fish! I scared him away the other day but the fish were still mega scared! Might make a mega scarecrow, or put a net over our pond (probably more practical, but less fun). She’ll be right!





My thumb.


dnah tfel

My right thumb is out of action for a few weeks so I’m gonna try some left hand drawings. It’s mega frustrating but might be a handy life skill if I go and cut my full hand off one day! This is my first try.140412-lefthand

Mike’s Hot Sauce

Aw yeah! Old mate Duncan shared one of his bottles of Mike’s Hot Sauce with me. This glorious substance is made by the amazing Mike Hodson. Ya can get it through Poison City I think. It’s the real deal good stuff.


Band-Saw Battles


So, I got really excited about making an Ultimate Chicken Coop and pushed my thumb into a band-saw. It cut a good half way through, hit bone and fractured it. Not cool! BUT I’m stoked I didn’t cut it off! Woo! Here’s to a speedy recovery and left-hand drawings for the next week or two!

Chicken Coop


The start of plans for my Ultimate Amazing Best Ever Chicken Coop have began. Egg catapults, drawbridges, coats of arms! Rad!