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So, remember when I showed you this sweet castle of a coop I made our chickens. Well, you know what they say… Build a castle and the rats will come. Yeah… We’ve got a massive rat problemo. And by building such a massive coop and not anticipating the genius craftiness of the rat warriors I’ve set myself up for a horrible set of jobs to rat proof it. SO! I’m gonna take it down and build a new one off the ground on greased iron posts so not even ninja rats will be able to creep into the fortress! It’ll be rad! And smaller, so we have more room for vegies! These are my new plans.





The legends at Alabama Hotel have put some more of my artwork up. It’s all for sale! Go buy it so I can make more!
(boards $180 doll $200)

Second Year Sculpture Work.

Here is some of my final work for second year sculpture. This one was a reaction to the possums and rats causing havoc in our garden. Here’s the statement:

Found Artifacts

I have been dealing with a rat and possum problem at my house and it has been said that the presence of human hair within a garden can deter possums from entering the area. I was inspired by the shamanistic and ritualistic imagery that it conjured up.

The objects I have made are a ritualistic, mythological and spiritual approach to my possum eradication. I have gathered various materials from my home and garden, symbolic of the area I wish to protect, and bound them along with my hair to create talismans that will be placed around my garden. I have drawn inspiration from various myths to give the objects power. Some forms represent an arrow; the symbol of Apollo who is also known as Smintheus, The Rat Killer. Other objects involve polished copper in circular forms as of the sun, another symbol of Apollo. Time will tell is the objects hold the power that they intend to.


Text reads: PLATE 134, – Ceremonial protective talismans of human hair, straw, wire, chicken feathers and plastic a, Ceremonial necklace of copper and human hair worn during cleansing ritual b, Tree hangings of human hair, wire and plastic c, Ceremonial ring presented during cleansing ritual to symbolise Apollo, the sun god, and Smintheus, killer of rats d, Small bundles of human hair wrapped in wire as made by children for ritual ceremony or domestic use e.


Second Year Sculpture Work.

Here are the portals I made for second year sculpture. At the risk of sounding wanky and lame (though it comes from an honest place, so lets hope that counts for something) here is the statement I used to explain my work:


I am interested in the creation of structural forms and the relationship they create between reality and fiction. I feel there is an intriguing tension created when an object so firmly stuck in reality; tactile, heavy, solid, transforms a regular space into one that lends itself to fictional narratives. 

These are timber portals. They offer the viewer a chance to escape into a story of their own. They are meant as pathways, not destinations. I want them to appear as if they may disappear at any moment. Solid structures on the knife edge of reality.




Sketchbook page.





Here’s a classic picture I took of my dad in his workshop about eight years ago. Those scrolling lines chalked onto his forge have been burned into my mind since I was a wee little lad. Below it you can see a section of dad’s motto: “Thou Shalt Start” – A good bit of advice for anyone, especially on cold Tassie winter mornings amongst frost covered iron and freezing concrete. Get shit done.






I made a knife a week or two ago. Carbon steel (from a car spring I think), brass and some hardwood found in the workshop. It was made for my special lady’s brother’s birthday. I think he was pretty happy with it! I’ve included some process shots so you get some idea of how it’s made.




I’m not sure if I’ve put this on my blog before but here’s a knife I made my good friend Samm at the start of the year. It took me ages to get it to him because he lives too far away but he has it now. I made it to inspire him to get out there and carve some wood. He’s a rad positive dude. Not sure if he’s carved anything with it but I’m pretty sure he’s doing ultimate things of equal awesomeness. That’s a bronze cuttlefish-cast of the Scum Fighter logo at the end of the handle. Rad!




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