While We Sleep
Food Bag

Callum has made a new book/zine thing. 60 pages of drawings. Limited edition of 50. Go to www.callumdonoghue.bigcartel.com or email donoghue.callum@gmail.com to get a copy!!



“The ground is not flat” – Antonia (my printmaking teacher.)

What a simple but profound statement in relation to the mapping of our world through drawing and the printmaking/sculptural process.

This is a traced map of Walls of Jerusalem stuck over a Construction Temple on a journal page.

South Hobart


This is a map of where I live, drawn from memory.



Did an EP cover for Gruns!

Haven’t heard the music yet but I’m sure it’ll be a ripper. And it has a Hot Water Music cover! Win.


Art Exhibition Emergency Escape Tent!


This is a tent I made for a 2nd year sculpture exhibition at Kelly’s Garden in the Salamanca Arts Centre. It’s a place for kids to hide during boring 2nd year sculpture exhibitions! (Thanks to ledge-face Beck Livermore for the image!)

Hey kids! How much does it suck walking around with your parents at these stupid art exhibitions? Heaps! That’s how much! You’re tired, all you wanna do is go play games and they’re standing around drinking fermented grapes, talking to their friends and looking at boring pictures. Well, never fear! You can escape this never ending boredom in the Art Exhibition Emergency Escape Tent! Hang out in your own space, spy on the oldies and get away from this endless bummer!

The show is still on if you wanna check it out!

Exhibition Dates: 14th – 28th of August, 2014.
Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm, Monday – Friday




We had a pretty spectacular two nights in the bush over the weekend. Too much snow blocked our path but goddamn it made that unbeatable Tassie rain forest even more specky!



Painting a sail to make a tent for some rad kids to avoid boring adult times.



Making a tiny rope ladder and some tiny tents.

Tent! Fort! NO GROW-UPS!




This is happening in a month and a half. This is great news for footy. Great news for Tasmanian Art. great news for Maq St Gallery. And great news for the world in general.